Did you think you can perform better in your career as an athlete if you underestimated that education? Well, after going through this article, you will see why it is still important to hold fast to that secular education even degree in your study. There are few things in one’s life that go a long way as it does education. Nevertheless, everything that a person does legitimately to bring food at the table is commended. Why though should you continue to value your education in spite of your “lucrative” career?

1. Communication

Were it not for education, how would you have known how to communicate with your coach and team mates if any? Hardly could you. So, the little education that you posses as you may term it is important in this regard.

2. Ability to interpret

Every profession or line of work has its terminology understood better by those who associate themselves much with it. Athletics is no exception. Track, huddles, steeplechase and dope are a few of such terminologies. Would you too understand them were it not for the help of education that you want to turn down? Since the world is advancing each dawn, it its wise too to enhance that education.

3. Unforeseen occurrences

The world chances so fast so as everything in it. What might be seen as potentially permanent today will be so much elusive tomorrow. What do I mean here? Simply put, you never know what will come of you the next day. You may not be an athlete forever due to old age, accident or other reasons related to those. If that happens where do you cling to in order to support yourself and your family if any? Good education can supplement what has been lost.

4. Don’t you travel?

Do you run only from your country or you also participate internationally? I believe you travel. Education therefore helps one to communicate freely with people from other communities and learn more about their culture. If you happen to know the native language of the people you are visiting, then you are better placed to benefit from quality education.

5. Position

With or without education, people are entrusted with responsibilities of governance you may argue. In as much I agree with your view, the question still remains as to who is better placed in terms of getting these ‘lofty’ positions of leadership. It’s majorly reserved for the elite. Take good care of that education even if you seem comfortable in athletics.

6. It involves you

Education is one’s intellectual asset. Many athletes across the globe are known to be those who did not manage to “make it” in class even if they were given all the time in the world. Why not “break this world record’? Do not be surprised how easy you will go down in history as the only athlete who had a PhD!

7. Easy access of services

In many lands around the world, you cannot access some services if you have not attained certain level of education. Be it as it may, you need that quality formal education that will enable you mix freely with others in the society and enjoy the right to access most services that are open to members of the public.


IELTS, CAE, FCE or TOEFL confused about English exams? Before you know, which exam to take you must understand why to take these exams. Generally, non-English speaking individuals take up these exams in order to study or work in English speaking countries like USA, UK, Australia etc. Each country accepts different exams, for example, TOEFL is preferred for USA. This tests ensure you receive warm smile for the word “hello” or watch a blank face staring at you for an alien word you just uttered. 

Why take these exams?


If you are planning to apply for university in any of the English speaking country and you are non-native to this country, your university may ask for a scorecard of any English standardized test like IELTS, CAE, FCE and TOEFL. Sometimes people looking to work abroad in English speaking countries also take up these tests. These type of tests evaluate whether you can listen, read, write, and speak English language.

Different kinds of English exams


Generally there two institutions which dominate in conducting these exams, one is ETS and other is University of Cambridge. ETS conducts TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) while University of Cambridge conduct IELTS (International English Language Testing System), BULATS (Business Language Testing Service), FCE (First Certificate of English), and CAE (Certificate in Advanced English).

All these exams test your English communication skills but that does not mean you can take up any exam to get admission or job in English speaking countries. Focus of exams conducted by ETS and University of Cambridge is different. ETS exams focus on North American style of English. These exams are computer based and have multiple-choice questions.

Exams conducted by University of Cambridge focuses British style of English. These tests cover wider aspect of English language. Tests include variety of questions like multiple choice, filling blanks, matching etc. Even the accents covered by these exams will be wider in range. 

Choosing best option 

TOEFL training center coimbatore

If you are looking to go for higher education, you can take up TOEFL or IELTS. Both are considered as qualifying exams into universities. However, exam preferences differ depending on the country you are looking to apply. Canada, United States of America and some other countries prefer TOEFL while countries like Australia and New Zealand prefer IELTS scores.

FCE and CAE are preferred by the universities present in European Union. For educational purpose TOEFL and IELTS academic exams are highly recommended. If you are looking for better career prospects in English speaking countries TOEIC or IELTS general tests are preferred by the employers. These tests are necessary to certify your ability to communicate in English language at workplace.

Sometimes employers ask for specific test but if not then FCE or CAE are highly recommended. If you are looking to just improve your skills in English language. FCE and CAE are the best exam to test your skills. These exams are well designed for the advanced learners, hence it is recommended if you’re not a native English speaker to take an IELTS preparation course or other English exam courses. These tests cover almost all aspects of English learning and everyday use of language. 

It is important you choose the best suitable tests based upon your needs. For further information on these tests visit official sites.


One of the most looked forward to times in high school and college is when a major baseball, football, gymnastics, volleyball, soccer or any other sport is coming up. College sports have seized the attention of many, from the students, alumni, teachers, you name it.

However, in America today there have been particular schools with a reputation of producing some of the most sought after athletes of our time. They have kept impressive records over the years and are considered crème de la crème of the American colleges when it comes to sport. These include but are not limited to:




For the past 19 years, this Ivy League school has won the NACDA Directors cup award for Division 1 sports making it the best overall American college in the sports category. The good thing about Stanford is its diversity in that it is good in almost every varsity sport. For a consistent 37 years the college has brought home at least one national championship breaking the record in that category.

Its department of athletics offers 36 varsity sports, 16 for men and 20 for women and about 8000 students take part in the sports annually in a given semester. The university has about 100 coaches and nearly 300 athletic scholarships.




This college also ranks in the top ten best American universities for its wide range of sports categories from baseball, basketball, ice hockey and football in which it has won national championships in each of those four major sports. Referred to as the Michigan Wolverines, it comprises of 27 varsity sports both in the men and women’s category. They have been known to participate in the NCCA’s Division 1, the Big Ten Conference, Collegiate Water Polo Association, and the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference Lacrosse League. Michigan has been in the top five of the NACDA Directors Cup for an impressive 11 out of 18 years and in the top ten standings in sixteen of the Directors Cup seasons.




In the 2009-2010 season, the Florida based college excelled notably in the men’s track and field and the women’s swimming category. Better known as the Gators, they are a major threat when it comes to specific sports especially football, basketball(men), soccer, tennis, golf(women) and volleyball to mention just a few. Its renowned director Jeremy N. Foley is responsible for the better part of this university’s success during his tenure its athletic program ranked among the nation’s top 10 for 30 years in a row and top five 16 times in the last 23 years.



Penn State v Ohio State

The school is reputable In the men’s swimming, golf, track gymnastics and diving and has in the past won in the three major men’s sports; baseball, basketball and football. It has in the past been awarded the Big Ten Conference Medal of Honor, Wayne Duke Postgraduate Award and the Academic All-Conference Team award. The school has also bagged a good number of NCAA Awards and scholarships and the National Organizations Awards.




This Texas based university has picked the most titles in men’s and women’s categories than any other school in the Big 12 Conference. The league began operating in 1996. Texas has brought home four national championships and ranks second in NCAA all-time victories.


Other colleges worth mentioning

i. University of Southern California

ii. University of North Carolina

iii. University of Virginia

iv. University of California Los Angeles

v. Florida State University

vi. University of Georgia


If you have ever followed college sports, you will know that there is a wide range of talent in college games. Some of these games are more popular than the professional games and some of the players go on to play their sport professionally.

Read on for a list of all this year’s college athletes you should keep an eye out for.




Jabari Parker


He plays for Duke and is tipped to enter the draft this year instead of returning to Duke, although he has yet to make a formal announcement. He has been called the best player since Lebron James to come out of college and that is a statement that he is extremely proud of. At 6 foot 9, he is a true decision maker and a player that makes the 3-point shots when needed. He contributes to his team in every way


Spencer Dinwiddie


Plays for Colorado and it is thought that he will be the first player to turn professional this year. At 6 foot 6 he is one of the best guards that his college has ever seen. Joel Embiid – At 7 foot tall, he is a Junior at Kansas. It is widely expected that he will enter the NBA draft in 2015, but he has a lot of work ahead of him first. Coaches expect him to do one more year in college and then leave for professional basketball.





Marcus Mariota


Oregon’s Quarter Back, he is known for running extremely fast and being able to throw the ball long distances. He could go pro after college as long as he doesn’t pick up an injury.


Todd Gurley

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Georgia

Georgia’s RB is known for being a nightmare for defenses and making touchdowns after running long distances. He certainly is a character on the field and is one of Georgia’s stand out players.


Randy Gregory


Playing DE, Randy transferred to Nebraska as a Junior and had a very impressive season. People are already talking about how he is going to improve in his senior year and if he has the ability to turn professional.





David Berg


Plays closer for UCLA and in 2013 broke the NCAA record for the number of saves with 24. He has played for the Collegiate National Team for two years running and is expected to be one of the break out players in 2014.


Ian Happ


Plays outfield for Cincinnati and played in a summer league with Harwich Mariners. He had 7 home runs and 26 RBI and is being labeled as the player to watch this season.


Skye Bolt


North Carolina’s outfielder. He made a massive impression on coaches in his Freshman year and was selected to play for the Collegiate National Team in the summer. He was selected for the MLB Draft in 2012, but decided that he wanted to get his education first.


College sports are set to have a very exciting year. You can see the players that you should be keeping an eye on. All of these players have the ability to go professional, but it is interesting to see who will light up their leagues beforehand. Of the above list, it is thought that Jabari Parker is more likely to go pro instead of spending another year at Duke.


When we go to college, that is when we learn how to be the people we are today. We do that on our own, without our family, but our college friends are there to help us through the process. Sometimes, we forget what our college friends have done for us and we take them for granted.

Below is a list of 10 ten things that we should have thanked our college friends for. Read through it so you can go and thank your own college friends.


Spending time with you


They are there through everything, the mad parties, the break-ups, even those moments when you sit quietly and ponder life.


Being your friend


Having the courage to come up to you on the first day of college to make friends with you because you were too shy to make friends, and then introducing you to all the other people that they had already met.


The wild parties


For going to the wild parties with you and making sure you get home okay when you might have had too much to drink.




Going travelling with you because you might not have wanted to go home for Spring Break.




When you had ran out of food tokens, they were always the ones that got extra food on their own tokens and brought it back for you.


Looking after you when you are sick


Everyone wants their Mum when they are sick, but when at college, your roommate and your college friends are the ones that look after you. They even run out to get you more medicine.


Their parents


When their parents visited, you were always included in their nights out and they always bought you dinner. Your parents did the same for them as well.


Helping you through the bad times


Your friends will have helped you through your first break-up. They will been there when you didn’t feel like getting up in the morning and they will have gone out of their way to take you out to different places so that you don’t bump into the ex.


Not Judging

Friends-best friend-friend picture-freinds wallpaper-friendship (9)

College is for experimentation. You might have done some things that you would never have done at home. So, you need to thank them for not looking down at you for doing that thing that you will regret for the rest of your life.


Giving you a place to stay


They would always let you crash on their sofa, when you didn’t want to go back to your place and face the weird roommate. Also, for chatting to that roommate when they are waiting for you to get ready, and not making a bad situation worse.


Lifelong Friends


Your college friends are the friends that will be with you for the rest of your life. You might not see them all the time, but they will always be there for you when you need them. You can phone them up when you are going through something and they will always be the people that drop everything just to be there for you. So, you need to thank them for being in your life, for the rest of your life.